6/6/2011 179 Days Old

June 6th, 2011

On the 179th day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. We all tried to sleep in a little this morning. Maya decided that she liked to be up when the sun was down last night. Me and Erin took shifts holding her hand and rubbing her forehead to try and put her to sleep. Try and try and try again all night long. She finally went to sleep for more than an hour after the sun came up. To avoid another night of butt pats and handholding we launched a premtive strike. We would not allow Maya to go to sleep this evening. Every time her little eyelids would droop her foot would get tickled. Every time her little arms would relax and drop to her sides we would sit her up straight. It was a constant barrage of sleep defeating tactics that at times worked and at other times did not. I hope that they pay off with a restful night tonight.

One Response to “6/6/2011 179 Days Old”

  1. Angie on June 6, 2011 10:22 pm

    Happy 6 month birthday tomorrow miss Maya! Hard to believe it was
    6 months ago! Time flies and you continue to inspire so many of us.