3/10/2011 93 Days Old

March 10th, 2011

On the 93rd day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. Erin began Maya’s feeding and let me sleep for a little bit longer. I was awoken by the sound af Maya’s alarm. She was having another heart episode. It lasted for about 20 minutes. We paused her feeding and tried to comfort her. Most of the time after her episodes she goes to sleep and stays asleep for a while. This morning was no different.

We both still went to work today. I only had a half day so I was able to return to Maya by lunch time. Grandma Kathy stayed with her today while I was at work, and then stayed through the afternoon. We took turns holding Maya on the couch. She has turned into quite the hot body when she sleeps. She turns into a little radiator every time her eyes close. There were more than a few times today when I was holding her and she was sleeping peacefully while generating plenty of sweat.

Erin got home shortly after 6:00, and she was in need of a Maya fix. As soon as Erin picked her up Maya knew that she was in her mothers arms and fell fast asleep. She had been grousing for a few minutes right before Erin got home. I think she knew that her mom would be home soon and wanted to encourage her dad to pass her over as soon as possible.

Our evening tonight went as most night go. Erin held Maya as I played guitar for them. We watched TV, and ate dinner. But tonight was different. I am on spring break now, and I don’t need to think about leaving Maya again for quite some time. The thought of that makes me happy. It will be a spring break full of Maya. I am looking forward to it.

One Response to “3/10/2011 93 Days Old”

  1. Sue Jorgensen on March 12, 2011 5:52 pm

    I am so glad you get to spend some work-free time with your precious little daughter. Enjoy!