2/6/2011 61 Days Old

February 6th, 2011

On the 61st day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. We stayed in bed and slept in this morning. We picked Maya up out of her bed and set her up on the boppy on our bed. She really like to sit up in her boppy. She can roll to her side until her check comes to rest on her hand and drift off to sleep. Erin got up and out of the house at 10:30. I got to have a couple of hours alone with my baby girl. We watched movies and napped all day long. Maya is still struggling today. When things get hard for her she sleeps for longer. She slept almost all day.

This evening Grandpa Bob and Grandma Chris came over to eat dinner with us and watch the super bowl. They held Maya as we rooted for the Packers. We ate some ribs and burnt ends during the game. It was a good evening. Maya is resting in Erin’s arms now.

Yesterday was a busy day for us. Maya had a ton of visitors. We had Grandma Patti and Grandpa Greg, KC, Michelle and Kids, Krissie and Travis, David. And Maya’s photographer. It wasn’t planned this way but it seemed everyone showed up at once. It was a full house. We did a photo shoot with Maya, and got good pictures of Grandma Patti and Grandpa Greg with Maya. We also did a really cute story telling photo. Stay tuned to Erin’s facebook for pics later this week.