2/18/2011 73 Days Old

February 18th, 2011

On the 73rd day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully.  The evening was another story.  Maya woke up shortly after her 2:30 feeding and decided to stay awake until her 5:30 feeding was over.  For the most part she was content sitting with me (Erin), but everytime I tried to put her down she would fuss and squirm.  She finally calmed down during her 5:30 feeding, just in time for JJ to get up and get ready for work. 

Grandma Patti came by to help out today.  She has been out with a cold since earlier this week, but got the all clear from the doctor (Grandpa Greg) to come see Maya.  She was very excited to spend the day with us.  Michelle and Luke came by for a visit as well.  They stopped by to bring Maya her Valentines gift and some delicious chocolates for JJ and I. In Michelle’s words Maya’s gift was “completely self serving”. Maya is now the proud owner of a “I love my Auntie” onesie.  It is very cute, and not all pink which makes JJ happy.  Later, Ali and Jenny came by for a visit.  Everyone loves to get their snuggle time in with Maya.

change of blogger (Erin says Bye)

Maya’s nurse Janet came by this evening as well.  She was very impressed with Maya’s growth and how well she is doing.   Since Jeana  has been coming more often, Janet”s last visit was a few weeks ago.  Maya has changed quite a bit in a few weeks. She was telling us how she is doing better than they typically see babies with trisomy 18. It was good to hear. We don’t have any one to compare her to and we were worried that she was not doing well. She is struggling, but after we talk to Janet we always feel more confident. She has a way of making us feel like we are doing a job taking care of Maya, which is something me and Erin don’t often feel. Maya’s nurses amaze me on a regular basis. They do amazing work and we would be lost without them.

This evening Grandpa Bob and Grandma Chris came by to see their grand daughter. Erin made an awesome dinner and we are sipping our tea and watching a movie now. Maya is nestled on Grandma’s lap. It was a nice night.

There will be another special saturday post tomorrow. Stay tuned.