2/17/2011 72 Days Old

February 17th, 2011

On the 72nd day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. Maya slept through her 5:30 feeding. It was a good morning to sleep in. I took care of Maya while Erin slept in. We are trying to get used to sleeping whenever we can. A few hours here and a few hours there don’t seem to add up. So I let Erin sleep in all morning. It was just Me and my baby girl. We opened not just the shades but the windows and let the fresh air fill the room. I love the first warm days signaling spring is close. It was one of those days when even inside you can smell the sunshine. I am happy Maya got to experience it.

After Erin woke up we put Maya into her stroller and went for a walk. We made it up to the park, took a lap, and then came home. It was the furthest Maya had been from her crib in six weeks. Every time we would turn a corner and the sun would dip under her shade her forehead would scrunch up and she would let out a whimper. We made it home with out any problems.

After we got home we hooked Maya up to her monitor so that Erin could run to the store and I could take a turn napping. I never got to sleep. As Maya was falling asleep I noticed that her heart rate had gone down to 90. She is normally at 160. She was down at 90 for a few minutes and then her heart rate shot up to 190. When her heart is racing that high she is very irritable. She cried for about an hour. It was another scary moment. Eventually she calmed down. She fell asleep and has been asleep ever since.  We are hoping for a peaceful night.

Today, just like every day  with Maya was many things. There was joy and love and a beautiful little girl. There was excitement , and peacefulness, and terror. She takes us for a ride every day. She makes every little thing of every day important. Even the tiniest thing like going for a walk in the park.

These Photos were taken by Kendall Herman Photography. She had been great. Maya highly recomends her work.