4/8/2011 122 Days Old

April 8th, 2011

On the 122nd day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. Both of Maya’s parents had to go to work today. Grandma Kathy came by bright and early to take care of Maya. Maya had a rough night last night. She had a hard time keeping her oxygen level up. We were able to get some sleep, but we are still far short of the suggested 8 hours. Sometimes we manage to get 8 hours in two days, but never in one night. Grandma did a good job of taking care of Maya today. She got her to fall asleep on her shoulder for several hours throughout the day. It was good that Maya got some rest after her tough night.

This afternoon Maya had a visit from her nurse. She had to get her 4 month shots today. We decided to spread the 4 vaccines out over the next week so that it might be a little easier on her. She got the first two vaccines today, and will get two more next week. During the nurse visit we also discovered that Maya has broken blood capilaries all over her right arm. I can’t remember the name for the symptom but they are a result of her rough night. They show up as little dark red specs, almost like little tiny freckles. She only has them on her right arm. Her lungs sounded the same as they did on tuesday. Her right lobe is still showing signs of struggle.

Tonight has been a better night for Maya than the last few. She has been happy or asleep for most of the evening. Grandma Chris and Grandpa Bob brought us some sushi tonight. They are now catching up on some Maya time. Maya has been comfy in grandma’s lap for some time now. She just got done making some nice sucking sounds. She clicks her tongue back and forth making an adorable sound. Grandma was quite amused. We are hoping that Maya will have as good of an overnight as she has an evening.

We were able to take her 4 month picture yesterday after I posted the blog. Here is my girl on her 4 month birthday.

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  1. Sarah on April 9, 2011 12:02 am

    Those little chubby cheeks are the cutest thing ever!