4/10/2011 124 Days Old

April 10th, 2011

On the 124th day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. Maya had a difficult weekend, but this morning she was asleep and happy. She has been struggling more than usual this weekend. She is having a very difficult time keeping her oxygen up even when she is asleep. On friday night at about 1:00 she had worked herself up and seemed to be hurting. Her oxygen was extremely low, and we were out of things to try. We had to give her morphine for the first time. It was another scary moment in a long line of scary moments that we have had with Maya. After a few tears we were able to get are nerve up enough to give her the medicine. She reacted well and calmed down after about 15 minutes. Her oxygen came up shortly after. That night she did not recover fully. She could barely get her saturation above 80%.

Since Friday night we have had to give her morphine 4 more times. She reacts well to it. It calms her down and raises her saturation number. We were worried that on morphine Maya would just go to sleep, and not be able to interact with us, but that is not the case. She often is wide awake and happy. She interacts in the same ways that she always does.

Early this morning we had to give her morphine two different times. Since then she has been doing really well. We have had a lot of visitors. Grandma Kathy stopped by in the early afternoon as did Krissie and Travis. They wanted to show up on a sunday so that they would make the blog. Holly, Jay and Jadin came by to see Maya as well as Grandma Chris.

We are having a mellow evening. Erin is returning to work tomorrow, and we both need to catch up on some sleep. We are hoping for a peaceful night for Maya and for us.

One Response to “4/10/2011 124 Days Old”

  1. Aunt Krissie on April 11, 2011 9:33 am

    I’m glad you recognized our true motives, spending time with Maya does not compare to a blog mention. We want our time in the spotlight.