6/8/2011 181 Days Old

June 8th, 2011

On the 181st day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. I woke up as Erin was leaving for work. Me and baby girl moved out to the couch to watch the Daily Show. It has become a summer vacation tradition. Every morning me and Maya move out to the couch and open the shades. We watch the Daily Show and the  Colbert report, and then I help Maya with her exercises. Maya is getting better at sitting up everyday. She has mastered holding her own head up. Her legs and hips are so much more flexible than they were even two weeks ago. All of our morning work wears Maya out and she normally naps for a few minutes as soon as we are done.

At 10:00 Grandma Patti came by. She has been taking care of Maya so that I can get some house projects done. It works out well. Maya likes to be held on a sholder while she sleeps now. When I lift her up and get her comfy on my shoulder we can only stay there for about 10 minutes before we are both a sweaty mess. Grandma doesn’t have that problem. She runs cold and Maya runs hot. They even each other out.

This evening Krissie and Travis came by with dinner. B.J. showed up a little while later. Krissie helped Erin give Maya a bath. Maya is still not a fan of bath time, but that clean baby smell is like crack to new mothers. A friend of ours once sniffed Maya’s head and proclaimed ” oh girl you make my ovaries hurt.” I have to admit she smells pretty good after a bath.

Tomorrow is my day alone with Maya. I am looking forward to it. We have a few movies to watch, and some new music to listen to, and of course her exercises. I think Maya might like it too.

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