3/4/2011 118 Days Old

April 4th, 2011

On the 118th day in the life of the most beautiful girl in the history of the world the morning began peacefully. Erin had to work today and I had the day off. Erin woke me up to say goodbye and let me know that Maya was doing well. Right as Erin was leaving Maya woke up. Erin had put her down in her bobby on the bed with me so that I would wake up to any noise that she made. I was able to keep my eyelids pried open for a little while, but eventually I drifted back to sleep. Maya must not have wanted me to sleep because every time I closed my eyes she would let out a squak lifting my eyelids up again. As long as my eyes were open she would not make a sound. When they would close again another squak would wake me up. We went on like that until just before her 8:30 feeding.

Grandma Patti came by to watch Maya today. Maya had kept me awake since 7:00 so when grandma got here I went back to sleep. Apparently so did Maya. I guess it’s OK to sleep for grandma just not dad. She stayed mostly asleep until 2:00, and she has been up since. Her eyes stay wide open for longer now. She likes to find things with her hands. She has gotten very good at grabbing her cannula and tugging on it. I think that she thinks it is a game called watch my parents get bug eyed. ¬†When she is not grabbing her cannula she likes to find her mouth. She doesn’t like to suck on it, she just likes to feel her lips. Every once in a while she forgets that she doesn’t like the taste of her hand and she will stick her tongue out and her hand in far enough to lick it. Afterwards she makes a sour face, and turns her head from side to side. When she does this it is always with her left hand. We are pretty sure she is left handed just like her mother.

In the afternoon Krissie came by to take over for grandma and watch Maya for a while as I cleaned the house. Maya was wide awake at this time. I wont go in to too many details, but Maya played a great trick on Krissie during a diaper change. I will say that our couch now has a nice wet spot where we lay Maya to change her diaper.

This evening grandma Kathy came by to eat dinner with us and see Maya for a bit. Maya had a good day today. She got a little gaggy after a couple of her feedings, but we patted her on the back until her throat was clear and she is doing fine. Right now she is rocking in her chair with Erin. It is time to go to bed now. I gotta go hug my girls and get some sleep. Goodnight.

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